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Youth and Family Participation Policy During COVID-19

COVID-19 Policy for Participation in Children’s and Youth Ministry

There have been a number of questions about what our policy is regarding attendance at church events like Confirmation, Youth Group, and special events like the Halloween Parade. As such we wanted to lay out as clearly, and simply, as possible our expectations and hopes, as well as our need to both send and receive clear communication with the congregation.
GOAL: To reduce as much as possible the potential for spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We will reach this goal by acting in the best interest of our vulnerable family members and neighbors. Considering many people may get the virus but not have symptoms, or mild symptoms at best, we need to act as though all may be potential spreaders.

1) If you or your child are not feeling well, are experiencing any of the symptoms related to COVID19, if you have someone in your home or a close connection who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, if you are awaiting the results of a COVID test, or if you have concerns about your health, please do not participate until you are cleared.
2) If someone in your house is quarantined because they have been in proximity with someone who was diagnosed, you may participate in the event. However, keep in mind that if you have any concerns about your exposure, we recommend you refrain from participation.
3) Masks are required to participate. If you are unwilling to wear a mask, no matter the reason, please do not participate. This does not apply to children under 5 years old. The church does have masks available if you’ve forgotten yours. Masks must be worn over both mouth and nose.
4) Physical distancing should be followed to the extent possible. Masks are helpful, but distancing makes them even more effective.
5) If anyone in your household tests positive for COVID-19 after attending an event at church, even if the contact was likely somewhere other than church, please contact the office to communicate the event, group, and possible contacts.
6) Wash hands carefully, and use hand sanitizer to reduce potential for spread through surface contact.

We are thankful for the chance to gather again, even if we have to adjust to how it is we gather. We pray that these guidelines will keep us safe. As we learn and pay attention to how things go, we will continue to review and adapt this policy to be sure we are doing our best.

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Dave at 605-692-6251, or at revdave@firstlutheranbrookings.org.

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